Love Is....

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It’s love if:

You have great chemistry:
You get lost in your conversations, and the hours pass like minutes. You’re more than willing to listen to her when she talks about her day. The chemistry between you is remarkable.

You find her beautiful:
Even if you catch her with no makeup on and her hair pulled back while she’s unclogging a toilet, she still looks beautiful to you.

You want to spend time with her:
All you want to do is to be with her. Doing everything together is like a bliss.

You see a future together:
You experience the strange feeling that your life would be totally empty without her. You tell your friends and family that she may be The One, and you’re even thinking about marrying her.

Love Is

You introduce her to your family:
It becomes very important to you that your parents like her, and that she gets along with everyone close to you.

You include her in all your plans:
Whether you’re going out with your male friends or taking your dog for a walk, you want her there with you. And if she’s not there, you can’t get her off your mind and sneak off to give her a quick “I miss you” phone call. Of course, you don’t tell your buddies.

You are more romantic:
All of a sudden you find yourself listening to cheesy romantic songs and thinking of her. You send her flowers and love notes to work and set up romantic evenings candlelit dinners at a fancy restaurant.

You always take her side:
If someone says anything even slightly disparaging about her, you immediately rise to her defense. Furthermore, in social gatherings, you always agree with her even if you disagree behind closed doors.

She makes you want to be a better person:
She challenges and motivates you. She makes you happy, and you’d do anything to make her happy.I think it’s love, i love you.
Love Is....

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

nape boy kte x wat cm2 pon...mknenye bkn cnte la ea

N@BiL@ berkata...

so my beloved

Tanpa Nama berkata...


Farida FoLvox berkata...

this is so cool blogspot :*

Tanpa Nama berkata...

love this...

Tanpa Nama berkata...

biasa bcinta.semua ny manis.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

nape klu cinta ada sakit hati dan kecewa.....
cinta bosan ke .....

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